Christmas Stocking Wax Seal Stamp
Christmas Stocking Wax Seal Stamp

Christmas Stocking Wax Seal Stamp

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This is a wax seal stamp which makes a Christmas stocking imprint in your wax. Great for decorating envelopes, gift tags and Christmas gifts. My stamps will also work with polymer clay if you fancy making some reusable polymer clay seals for your gifts.

This seal is 2.5cm (1 inch) in diameter.

This stamp is mounted on hand-cut wooden block. Each block is unique so may vary slightly from the one shown.

Take care to keep fingers away from hot wax. It can also be used as a stamp. When sealing,  be sure to peel off any remaining wax once cooled.

These seals have been repeatedly tested with the waxes that I stock.  Results may vary with other waxes.  If you choose to use another wax and it sticks to the seal, try a small drop of vegetable oil on the surface which will help release the wax.

All seals should be stored out of direct heat and sunlight. Stamps can be cleaned with warm soapy water or stamp cleaner depending on the ink/dye used. Always use the appropriate cleaner for the ink used. This will ensure the maximum life for your stamp.


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