Requesting a Personalised Stamp

I would like a stamp/seal with my image on it. Is that possible?

In all but the most extreme circumstances, yes, your image can be made into a stamp. Your image needs to be in black and white and a 300dpi jpeg is the best file format for me to work with.

Custom Image stamp

After the artwork, the next most important information I need is the size you want your stamp to be.  To send your artwork for checking, email it to

Custom Stamps come in size brackets that determine prices:

Small: up to 42mm x 32mm

Medium: up to 42mm x 64mm

Large: up to 64mm x 95mm

Click the links for current prices.


I'm also adding self inking stamps in a variety of sizes.

Loyalty sized - 12mm circle


And if you want something extra large, then drop me a line at for a quote.