Set of three wax seal sticks in aqua with wicks.
Aqua Traditional Sealing Wax with Wick

Aqua Traditional Sealing Wax with Wick

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Set of 3 sealing wax sticks in Aqua. Pale blue/green. Mint Green.

Wax sealing is a fun and classical way of sealing correspondence, wedding invitations, thank you notes, christmas cards or more.

Wax seals are unusual and a great personalised gift for anyone who likes spending time on their correspondence or gift wrapping. They can also be a beautiful addition to scrapbooks, journals or packaging.

This product is effectively a candle. Please take care when using it as the wax and wick will be hot!

Each stick is 10cm/4" long and will make between 10 and 12 seals.

The wax used in the sticks is made from completely man made materials so it is vegan. It contains no Beeswax or shellac.

As a small disclaimer, please don't use this wax for security purposes. It isn't designed for that, it's meant to make your post look pretty. That also being said, I can't guarantee it will stick to all papers, especially those with a shiny surface. When was dries, it will take the texture of whatever it is on, so if it's on a smooth paper, it will adopt a smooth shape and it is more likely to come off that type of paper. Most nice wedding envelope and such will be fine as they have a bit of texture to them. I would also recommend not putting wax and decorative items on the outside of envelopes to go in the post. Pop them inside another envelope otherwise there is a risk that they will snag on mail sorting equipment and damage your gorgeous envelope.

Sealing waxes in the distant past used to be made from animal fats and crushed beetles and all sorts of nasty stuff. It was also designed to break so the recipient could see if it had been opened. We don't make it from those sorts of materials anymore and because of mail sorting machines, sealing wax now has to be able to bend rather than break in the post and my waxes will do that and they are vegan as a result of this.

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