Medium Personalised Logo Rubber Stamp - Your Artwork
Medium Personalised Logo Rubber Stamp - Your Artwork

Medium Personalised Logo Rubber Stamp - Your Artwork

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Customised/personalised stamp made from your image, logo, drawing or text.

This is pretty simple.

Have any image you want, on a stamp.

I take your image, make a negative with it, do some stuff with a gel pack and some light and time and voila! Your logo/image, on a stamp! And quite honestly, as long as it fits on the stamp, it can go on it. No predefined layouts, just your design.

The stamp is up to 6.4cm x 4.2cm (2.4 inches x 2 inches) and the image is dependent on the size of the artwork supplied.

This stamp is mounted on hand-cut wooden block. Each block is unique so may vary slightly from the one shown.

All stamps should be stored out of direct heat and sunlight. Stamps can be cleaned with warm soapy water or stamp cleaner depending on the ink/dye used. Always use the appropriate cleaner for the ink used. This will ensure the maximum life for your stamp.

Each stamp will come in a coloured paper bag ready to give as a gift.

Add a coloured ink to your order for a personalised gift.


1. Buy this listing
2. After you checkout, email your image to
3. I will only contact you if there are any problems with the information supplied.
4. You will receive an update when your item has shipped.

DISCLAIMER: While I will make every effort to check spellings etc, I can not be responsible for errors in name spellings.

This process takes a little time as each one is custom made. Please allow up to 1-3 working days for your item to be produced.

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