Custom Wax Seal Stamps


Can you make me a wax seal stamp from my logo?

Maybe. Wax seal stamps are a little trickier to get to work than a stamp. Wax seals are absolutely not for sharing vital information about your business. They are far better as an addition to your brand. A finishing touch that emphasises your brand rather than communicates it in full. You can't get such fine detail because the wax just won't get into the really fine lines and this can have an affect on legibility. Below is an example of the what you will see with different line thicknesses.

For best results, I recommend that you use a minimum of 1mm (3pt) lines when scaled. Artwork would be scaled to fit in a 25mm circle so your artwork should be black on a white background at 300dpi in a jpeg or png format.

Are your wax seal stamps traditional brass stamps?

No, they aren't but they're very effective and great value. They are made from the same polymer as my stamps and behave fine with the hot wax and the handles are long enough to keep fingers at a distance.

What do I have to do to order?

I recommend that you send me your artwork to check before you place the order. This is to ensure you will get the best outcome. Contact me via the live chat and I will get back to you with an email address to send it to and I can give you any feedback.

How long to they take to make?

They have the same turnaround time as my stamps and are made on the same batches but they can take a little bit of practice while you get used to the amount of wax you need and how long it takes to dry. This is why I recommend getting them a couple of weeks before you want to send out wedding invites so that you have some time to practice without ruining expensive stationery. Each one comes with a card with instructions and space to practice.