Custom Logo Stamps


Can you make me a custom stamp?

Yes, with the right artwork. To make the best, most gorgeously crisp stamps, your artwork needs to be entirely black on a white background. If you have watercolours in your logo, you might have do remove them or consider a different design for a stamp as they don't translate well at all.

For best results, your artwork should be a black and white jpeg or png file at 300dpi.

How much will it cost?

Cost depends on the size of the stamp and whether you want it to be wooden handled or self inking. I recommend wooden handles stamps for lower quantities of printing because they take a bit of time to apply the ink and then stamp them. If you want to stamp high volumes quickly then self inking stamps are the way to go. Scroll down the page to see the item types and current prices.

My most popular size is medium which measures up to 64mm x 48mm

How long does it take?

My stamps are hand made in small batches and I normally make batches twice a week. I keep lots of wooden handles in stock but limited stocks of self inking machines. If you require a special size of self inking stamp then I can order one for you but they usually take an extra few days. Please allow up to a week for special order self inking stamps.

I have a logo that doesn't quite work but I would still like a stamp to make my packaging look awesome, can you still help me?

Of course, I have a great selection of business stamps that you can drop your information into.

Have you got a artwork template I can use?

Absolutely! I recommend as free software to make your design in. When your design is complete, save it as a jpg or png file.

Small stamp

Medium stamp

Large stamp

Below is my collection of stamps that you can apply your own logo to.