Year Round Love Notes

Clear Stamps DIY Happy Mail Planner Stamps

February may be the month of St. Valentine but love-ly stamps (see what I did there? *sorry) are for all year round. 

Receiving post is often overshadowed by junk flyers and bills, but the act of sending and receiving post is such a wonderful way of showing someone that you’re thinking of them and you care, and when the cards are handmade or envelopes decorated it takes it up a notch. 

Love Letters Collection from Mint Maker Studio - featuring winged heart, 'With All my Love'  quote and love postage stamp.

And, let’s not forget, how versatile stamps are so why stop there?

How about getting some gift tags ahead of time and making up a set with this ‘With all my love’ stamp on ready for when you’ve next got a gift to wrap.  You could even make matching wrapping paper using the hearts or postage stamp inspired designs that come as part of the set. 





How about adding some extras to the envelope of the next card you send to a friend? This heart stamp in multicoloured ink could look fabulous on the inside or outside of a card, and the winged heart across the sealed edge on the back of the envelope would be a lovely personal touch before they’ve even opened it up. 

Love Letters Clear Stamp set from Min t Maker Studio - featuring winged 'Amore' stamp, glowing heart illustration and 'with all my heart' quote

And of course these stamps could easily be used by kids too.  Used with any colour of ink they could be added to cards for their favourite adults, given to friends on notes they may share or even turned into a work of art! 

The great thing about these clear stamp sets is that you’ll only need one acrylic block to quickly and easily mount them on to get the best out of them, and with such variety in each set the possibilities really are endless and will certainly last beyond February. 


Love Letters Clear Stamp Collection from Mint Maker Studio

Don’t forget you can get sets of blank cards, wrapping paper and gift tags too from HERE





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