Top Tips for Getting a Personalised Stamp

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For quite obvious reasons I love a personalised stamp. 

I think it’s a great way of adding a personal touch - whether its a gift to someone or to add a branding element to some business stationery. 

Regardless of what you might be using it for here are my top tips of what to think about when getting one. 

1 - Order with as much time as possible - don’t leave it until the last minute.  

This covers quite a few aspects of getting the stamp ready but the headline message is there’s probably more to think about than you realise and rushing at the last minute is a recipe for it going wrong.  For example, if it includes an image do you need to check if it’s suitable for a stamp or does it need a little tweaking for it to work properly? These things can usually be fixed easily but it all adds time to getting it made and sent. So give yourself a contingency buffer.

Wooden stamp with 'What you typo is what you get' written on it.


2 - Check the spelling.  And then check it again.

Autocorrect is an enemy to accurate personalisation.  That may be controversial but I think it’s true - everyone can spell personal things their own way but autocorrect won’t want you too.  When I make your stamp I’ll go with whatever’s put through on the order because you know better than me how it should be spelt so please, please check and check again.

3 - Add in the extras so it’s a ready-to-go gift.

If it’s a stamp make sure you’ve got ink too.  If it’s a wax seal do you need wax, and maybe even a handle upgrade? What about some nice paper to practice on or a notebook with planner stamps for bullet-journaling in the new year?  Of course you don’t have to buy all those things from me (although that would be nice), but it’s always nice to receive a gift you can use straight away.  And I’ll gift wrap it all up for you for free too. 

Mint Maker Studio - Kraft Paper, Stamp and Ink pad as a bundle for a gift  

4 - Don’t be afraid to ask.

This should possibly have been point number one but, if you’ve got any questions about whether words will fit, an image is too detailed or too large or what inks work best for the size of stamp then just drop me a message. Whether it’s via the shop or a DM on socials I’m happy to help make sure things are just right. 

Top Tips for Getting a Personalised Stamp - with stamp image 'What you typo is what you get' - Mint Maker Studio

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