4 Tips for Surviving Q4!

The last quarter of the year is on the horizon, and for those of us running small businesses it's a biggie. So, how can we help ourselves now that will REALLY benefit us in the months ahead? 

I’m far from a pro, and let’s face it each year springs up new challenges, but here are a few ideas from me of things that might help, or might at least spark another idea with you. 

Think about Packaging

When things get busy having as slick a process as possible in place will help hugely, and packaging is a great one to get nailed as it can save you so much time! Beyond just boxes and post labels consider what  tape you might need, backing cards, thank you cards, instruction or care info. And of course stamps can help make some of these things quick and easy to produce without losing some of the small-business charm! 


Selection of Handmade Personalised Business Stamps from Mint Maker Studio


90 day planning  

  Do you have a strategy for the final quarter? Now is a great time to think about it and create a skeleton plan at least for when things need doing.  I imagine for most of you I'm preaching to the converted, but getting these plans down on paper (as opposed to in your head) might really help. 
It doesn’t have to be day by day for the whole quarter, but even just key marketing messages for each month or something to help you keep track of key dates, like Christmas market prep, that you can quickly refer to will cut out some of those ‘where did I get to?’ thoughts.

Don't forget about you! 

It's an overused saying, especially after a pandemic filled 18 months or so, but you really can't fill from an empty cup.  So in amongst all your business planning and preparation don't forget time for you.  Book in those cannot-be-moved-for-anything days off and treats, make sure you've got a new (possibly thermal) mug ready to go alongside that bottle of water to keep you hydrated and get that beautiful new candle ready to help you relax.  


Q4 Survival Checklist from Mint Maker Studio

And finally .....Record those wins

It's easy to gloss over our daily wins, especially when we're up against it and have a lot on, but it's a great way of keeping perspective and celebrating ourselves. Because if we don't, who will?! 


Selection of Clear Reward Cups and Medal Stamps from Mint Maker Studio

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4 Tips for Surviving Q4 from Mint Maker Studio


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