The Many Uses of a Uniform Stamp

If you’re reading this chances are you already know that a uniform name stamp is a useful piece of kit to have.  But do you know just how versatile they can be? Their name is a misnomer really as it’s so useful for things other than uniform, and certainly isn’t only useful for those at school.

The ink being tailored for fabric means you can wash it and wash it and things will stay named.  But it also means it’s great for other items that get regular use and need something more hardwearing than a sticker.  

Paper and Fabric covered notebooks might both need naming ready for school, college or university and these stamps make that quick, easy and neat to achieve.  

Alternative uses for a school uniform stamp - paper and cloth covered notebooks, school tie, pencil case and cotton tote bag | Stamps available from Mint Maker Studio

Other practical things that a name on, even just inside and out of view, can be useful on include pencil cases, and tote bags.  Especially for busy environments where there might be a few of the same or similar and things might be grabbed in a rush.  

Selection of icons that can be added to personalised uniform stamps from Mint Maker Studio - includes star, snowflake, penguine, heart, single star, lightening bolt, cheries, crown, musical notes and others.

Don’t forget these stamps can have one of these little icons alongside the name too, which can help with quick identification at a glance, but they don’t have to if that might seem a bit twee for someone a little older. 

And of course there are also slightly random things that might be needed to be named that you might not have considered before.  For instance an apron for Design or Food Tech, a lab coat or a sports bib/jersey. 

And a final top tip - some items might have dark labels which make the stamp nearly impossible to see.  In these cases it’s sometimes helpful to have some white ribbon, bias tape or even a label cut-off some older clothes to hand.  These can all be easily stamped on and will just need a few hand-stitches or iron-on tape on the back to get them on the item.

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