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I've been planning on doing a more extensive range of small business stamps for ages but the list I had was long and I couldn't work out which stamps to make.  So I put together a short survey and ask a few of the awesome indie business groups I am part of to complete it for me and these are the responses and I will be using it to narrow down my choices.

Question 1: What kind of stamps do you think would be useful in your business?

The top three answers were:

  1. Thank You - Including some personalised options
  2. Packaging Stamps e.g. Fragile, Do Not Bend etc
  3. Business Card - To make your own

So, I few stamps in my Happy Mail Collection that already have this covered but I will do some more designs and I have a business card stamp here.  It's good to know I have the bases covered but I do obviously have to shout about these stamps a bit more.  To me, they're not the glamorous stamps so I don't share them so often but you know, they're the useful ones that can sell all year round so I'm going to make sure I pipe up about them.

Question 2:  Thinking about Business card stamps (that would allow you to make your own cards), would you like

  1. Logos and information - I make a template and you supply the logo?

  2. Logos - you provide artwork?

  3. Just Information - you send me the info, I fit it into a pre-made template?

And the responses were:

  1. Logos and information - 55%
  2. Logos - 35%
  3. Just information - 10%

Now I already make logo stamps and they have been my bread and butter for ages but I've never done any with a with a logo and information so I'm going to create some templates that you can add your logo to and all your information to.

Question 3:  If I were to make more loyalty stamps (like the ones you get at coffee shops), what icons should I have?

And the top five responses were:

  1. Star
  2. Tick
  3. Gift
  4. Initials (Personalised)
  5. Scissors

This one is a trickier one because I'm not sure if the people who responded to this were really the target market for it but it's good to know that three of the top 5 are already for offer and I can easily add the other two.  You can check out my current loyalty options here and here.

Question 4:  If you wanted a decorative stamp for your invoices, packing slips or product labels, what would it say?

The top three answers were:

  1. I don't have time to decorate invoices
  2. Made to make you smile
  3. Other

The suggestions for other were nearly all variations on thank you but I'll come to that shortly.  Knowing that people don't have time, I totally get and I specifically use the self inking type of stamps for my invoices.  So I will likely make some variations on the stamps that I use for my packing slips.

Question 5:  If I was to make stamps for the outside of your parcels, which stamps would you like?

The top four responses were:

  1. Please Recycle Me
  2. Fragile
  3. Do Not Bend
  4. Other

Nearly all of the 'Other' responses were variations on Happy Mail or Happy Post which is good because I have some ideas for that too.

Question 6:  Would you be interested in a 'country of origin' stamp? e.g. Made in the UK, Made in Gateshead, UK.

This was 58% yes and 42% no.  So it's a split one but I might make them and see how it goes.  This one might depend on the designs.

Question 7:  If I was to make a 'thank you for shopping' stamp, what phrases do you like?

The top four choices were:

  1. Thank you for supporting small business
  2. Thank you for making me happy dance
  3. Thank you for shopping small
  4. Thank you for shopping with {insert name here}

And these will definitely be making it.  I will probably do some on wooden handles and some as self inkers so they're fast to use. 

Question 8:  If I was to make fun stamps for putting on parcels, which of the following do you like?

The top three choices were:

  1. Happiness Included
  2. This package contains great things
  3. This package contains cute stuff

The top choice got more than twice the votes of the second one so I may well just make the 1st one at first.  This might also appeal to people who enjoy being pen pals.

Question 9:  Are there any other stamps that could be useful to your business?

This was super interesting but also a little bit of an eye-opener as some of the things people requested, I already do.  So prepare for me to be shouting about them from the roof tops!

  • Logo or custom Stamps and specifically ones with mixed colours.  Really, the colours are down to you, and if you use the mini ink pads then you can use the pointed corners to apply ink exactly where you want it.
  • Return Address Stamps
  • Invoice Paid - I've avoided these ones because there are already some out there on the market but, that doesn't mean I couldn't do a fun one.
  • Thank You in different languages
  • Social Media Stamps - This a definite one to do, I left it off the survey because it will 100% be part of it.
  • Stamp on a wood slice - you know, I used to do one of these as a wedding stamp but it didn't sell well.  I do still have some wooden slices with bark on and everything so if you're interested in this, just let me know.
  • Business Card Stamp

 Once again, thanks so much to everyone who took the time to answer the questions, they have been very valuable.  I hope you noted your discount code at the end too, it's valid until 28th February 2019.


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