Teacher Gift Ideas for any budget

Summer holidays are on the horizon and that means…. Well, actually it means a few things! 

It means teachers have a bit of a break ahead, it means that parents have a hectic few weeks ahead, and it means that before any of that kicks off people are on the hunt for thank you gifts to give teachers. 

This school year has also been stuffed full of pandemic ups and downs with our teaching staff having to roll with everything that’s been sent their way.  And whilst I’m a big advocate of saying thank you to all the teaching staff I also understand that when there’s multiple people to buy for the costs can add up.  

I’ve tried, therefore, to be really mindful of both variety and budget when coming up with possible teacher gifts this year, as well as bringing back some favourites from previous years.  So here’s my run-down on what’s on offer! 

These small square stamps are a great size for everyday use and with a little inkpad too make a lovely thoughtful gift, without being too showy.  

Non Personalised Stamps as gift ideas for Teachers - Be Proud of your Progress, You're on the right track and Proud of You | All from Mint Maker Studio

 There’s also personalised options of a few available too.


Personalised Teacher Stamps as Gift Ideas | Mrs Ritchie says Magic Work, Mrs Wall says I love this and Mr Carter says Bish Bash Bosh | All from Mint Maker Studio


If your teacher stamps A LOT than a self-inking stamp might be a great gift option for them.  With an (easy to change) ink pad built in, the way the stamps work also protects the stamp itself from damage and dust so there’s very little maintenance needed for it, and it’s a bit more portable too. 

Personalised Teacher Self-inking Stamp | Mrs Jamieson says great work | Available from Mint Maker Studio

Of course some pieces of work need a big celebration!

Some great work needs big celebration | Amazing Work Stars Banner; Pop-Art Style 'Mrs Gordon Says Awesome'; This is a work of art square stamp | All from Mint Maker Studio

Of course, you may want your thank you gift to be a bit more versatile and not necessarily linked to the classroom.  

These gorgeous little pennants that can be used as bookmarks, hook labels or even handbag charms. 

Number 1 Teacher Mini Pennant | Personalised Teacher Gift Idea from Mint Maker Studio

Alternatively they might be a planner and organiser and if so the range of planner stamps, stickers and washi tape can contribute towards a gorgeous gift bundle with a difference.  Or maybe they’re a crafter, baker or avid reader when they’re not in school.  Of course there’s stamps for those too! 

Crafter, Baker and Reader gift stamp ideas | Made with love; Personalised Cakes and Bakes Made with love by; From the Library Off banner stamp

All stamps that I make and send out are already wrapped, ready to give as a gift (giving you one less job to do), and if you want to make a homemade label card to go with them don’t forget there’s stampable blank cards and gift tags available in the shop too. 



Homemade gifts and wrap ideas | Stampable products available from Mint Maker Studio


Finally, if you are after a personalised stamp as a gift, whether it’s for a teacher or someone else, the turnaround time is around 3 days (give or take for busy periods) so do factor that in.  

And if you’re not sure on anything do just drop me a message and I’ll be happy to help! 

Thoughtful gifts for fantastic teaching staff - handmade, ready-made and DIY ideas, fit for any budget.

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