Stamping with Markers


Did you know that you don't just have to use ink pads on your stamps?  You can use them with felt tip markers too.

Stamp with marker pens

I originally made this tutorial for Lucky Dip Club in November 2016. The stamp featured was only available in the box but you can use this technique on any stamp.

For this tutorial you will need your stamp, something to stamp on and some marker pens or highlighter pens.  There are loads of great inks and paints that you can stamp with that will give a variety of effects but the simplest is a marker.  The markers I've used for this tutorial or Berol Colour Brush by Papermate but this would just as easily work with any felt marker or highlighter pen.

Stamp being coloured in with a pen

To get the ink on the stamp, turn the stamp over so the rubber part is facing up and simply colour in the stamp with the colours you want.  You can use as many colours as you like but remember the ink will dry as you're colouring so the longer it takes to colour, the less ink will transfer to the paper.

Stamping on paper

When you're ready, turn it over onto the paper you want to use.  Make sure the paper is flat and on a smooth, firm surface.  Put the stamp onto the paper and hold if for a second. You don't need to press hard, or wiggle the stamp or rock it.  This will smudge or distort the image and you won't get a good image.  Simply stamp down and lift it off straight.

Rainbow stamp impression on paper

 I made the rainbow stamp by colouring stripes across the stamp in rainbow colours.  Or go with a bit of neon using a highlighter pen.  I used brush pens as they're easier for colouring larger areas but bullet tip markers would work and allow you to colour in small areas.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it gave you some ideas for your next project. If you use it, please tag me in photos on instagram (@mintmakerstudio), use the hashtag #mintmaker and pin this to your pinterest board!

Collage of stamps and marker pens with the title 'How to stamp without ink pads'


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