Stamping Jargon

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There are lots of stamping terms and words out there that can sound a bit baffling when you're not used to them.  Here are a few of the most common ones.

 Rubber Stamp

Stamp - This is the obvious one.  It's the thing on the wooden block that prints the picture.

Impression - The picture you get from the stamp.

Ink Pad - Basically a sponge that in soaked in ink of a specific colour.  They can be in all sorts of sizes and they don't have to be bigger than your stamp.

Brayer or Ink Roller

Brayer - This is a small roller that allows you to apply ink to the stamp. It's another way of putting ink on the stamp.

Self Inking Stamp

Self Inking stamp - These are the stamp machines that you will see in the library or have around work.  They have an ink pad built in and the mechanism means they are always ready to stamp.


Wax Seal Stamp - A reversed stamp can be stamped into wax to create an old fashioned wax seal. Excellent for gift wrapping and finishing touches

Wax Gun - Similar to a hot glue gun only it melts wax and can be used to make lots of seals.  It has a slightly wider nozzle than a glue gun to allow the wax through.  Perfect for weddings.

Wick Wax - This is the type of wax that doesn't require a gun. It has a wick running through the centre like a candle.  When the wick it lit, the wax melts.

Gun Wax - This is a round stick of wax that fits in the Wax Gun. They melt readily and come in a wide range of colours.

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