Self-Inking vs. Wooden Handled Stamps.

Did you know that I can personalise self-inking stamps as well as the wooden handled ones?  Although the option has been there for a select few types of stamp, I’ve started broadening out the range so nearly all the stamps I have will also be available as self-inkers. 

So, what’s really the difference and which one’s better? I think It’s time for a Pro & Cons list! 

Wood handle versus Self-inking stamp pro and cons list - Summary of Blog Post.

In essence a self-inking stamp is a single package which contains both the stamp and the ink pad, and there are some clear advantages to this. Firstly they're robust - the plastic is C02 neutral as standard with a high proportion of recycled plastic in there too - and there are less bits to keep together, just the stamp and its cap*.  And the cap is an advantage too as by covering the end it’s making sure that ink doesn’t rub off from it and dust doesn’t get stuck to it. So big ticks for both storage and portability.

Personalised Self-Inking QR code stamp from Mint Maker Studio




(*Not all self-inking stamps have caps, it depends on the size - the smaller and more portable the chances are it does - so if you like the idea of these please read the listing carefully.)


Cleaning is also minimal with a self-inking stamp, and that’s if it’s ever needed at all. The way it’s housed, along with its single ink colour, means it doesn’t need cleaning between uses and so will only require some maintenance if any debris gets to it.   Generally speaking too the ink pads don't dry out in normal conditions either, although the ink for uniform stamping will as it's a different type of ink to ensure it's staying power.  

Because the process of getting ink on the stamp is part of the mechanism of a self-inking stamp any stamping you do will be consistent which also makes it a quick process.  But there are also limitations.  Although changing the ink pad is easy, you are stuck with one colour at a time and the choice of colours is also a little more limited.  Of course not everyone needs a rainbow of colours on their stamps, but if you use different colours for different tasks you might want more than one self-inker as there will be some colour transference if you change the pad a lot and you want to avoid mixing the ink and it looking murky.  

If you’re looking for a bit more versatility in colour, and stamp effect, then a wooden-handled stamp is absolutely the way forward. You can mix ink colours for stamping with, or even use marker pens (see this blog post all about that!) and if you use it for multiple different things it’s a quick and easy clean between inks for it to be as good as new.  And don’t forget you could even use the same stamp on different surfaces, e.g. textiles, just change the ink you’re using to one suited to it.  Which is something you can’t do in the same way with a self-inking stamp.

So they really do both have their place, it just depends what you’ll be mostly using it for and how versatile you need it to be.   

You can find my range of stamps here as well as a wide range of small business ones here too.  And if one is currently only listed as wooden-handled but you’d like it as self-inking just let me know - It’s likely only not listed as I’ve not managed to get to it yet! 

Any questions, or if you’re not entirely sure what would work best for you then do just drop me a message - either via social media or an email - and I’ll be happy to help however I can! 


Wooden Handle vs Self Inking Stamps - As the range of self-inking stamps expands we cover the pros and cons of each help you decide what you need.

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