Partner Offer for Graphic Designers

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Photo by: Matt Tams
For the last twelve months, I've been working with a small wedding invitation design firm making them wax seal stamps that they design, I make and either drop ship them to their customers or send to their printers to be go off to their customers with the invitations.  It's gone so well that when a repeat customer popped up in my Etsy shop with a design for one of her clients I wondered why I wasn't offering this to more people!
So, shout out to my graphic designers, I have an offer for you.  You'll get a discount on my retail price, drop or batch shipping (your choice), monthly invoicing or unique online discount code (order volume dependant), product photos if you want them, samples and fast turn around times.  You'll also get my ten years of experience making stamps and seals at your disposal.  If you're not sure a design will work then you can just drop me a line and I will tell you straight away.
Stamps and seals are great to offer finishing touches to branding.  Whether you're branding an event (like a wedding) or a business then you can add extra value by offering a custom made stamp or seal.
If you want to know more about it then I have made you a lovely pdf for your reference with the details on it and you can request it by emailing and I will get it over to you as soon as I can.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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