Last Order Dates for Teacher Stamps

End of Term last order dates Teacher gifts

Just a little update on your last dates for getting orders in for the end of term.

End of Term Last Order Dates 2019


If you're in Scotland, I have been informed that most schools break up on 28th June.  So your last order date with will be 24th June.  You could order with next day deliver before 11am on the 27th June but, it's only guaranteed to be delivered before 1pm.  You'll be handing over that gift at school pick up time.  Please don't leave it that late for my sanity and your own!

If you're in the UK, most schools seem to be breaking up on the 19th July (I know some are a little later).  If your end of term is 19th July, your last order date is 15th July.  If you break up on or around the 23rd July, then you have until the 18th July to place your order.

Please make sure you order in plenty of time. There's nothing worse than the sick feeling of worrying that orders won't turn up in time.

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