How to use a Chronodex

Planner Stamps

Chronodex Rubber Stamp
Every time I post a picture of my chronodex stamp I am met with cries of 'What is that?!' and 'How does that work?!' and I am reminded that not everyone spends their time looking at obscure planner and time management systems.
A chronodex is a visual way of breaking up your day. It can be used as either a planner or as a way of tracking how you spent your time. Each of the segments represents an hour and each small section of that is 15 minutes. You can attach notes, or activities to the segments by writing around it or you can use it like I have above and colour in the sections relating to certain activities.
My chronodex representation runs from 6am to midnight and the larger segments are for 9am to 9pm so they cover most people's working day and three hours either side.  I like to stamp in the middle of the page and use the rest of the page for notes and doodles.
The creator of the Chronodex is Patrick Ng and you can read more about why he created it over on Scription.

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