Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial

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It's really simple to make your own hand stamped wrapping paper and it can be a really great value way of making professional looking packaging for a fraction of the cost.

Stamped Wrapping Paper - Materials

You'll need:

Kraft paper - I've used brown but you can also use white or any colour you choose

Kraft tag (optional)

Rubber stamp

Ink Pad - I've chosen black


1. Cut a length from your roll of paper to big enough to wrap you item.

2. Most kraft paper has a shiny side and a matt side. I've chosen to stamp on the matt side as the ink soaks into the paper better but test your paper to see which side works best.

3. Roll your paper out on a firm level surface and if it's from a roll and curls up, weight it down in the corners.

Stamped Wrapping Paper

4. Apply and even coating of ink to your stamp and print onto your paper. For best results, reapply a light coating of ink after each print. You may want to practice on some scrap paper first so you can get the pressure and ink coverage right.  Don't forget to rotate your stamp for a more interesting pattern. If your stamp is smaller, you may want to print them closer together but it really is up to you as to what looks best.

5. Stamp on your gift tag if you have one.

6. Wrap your gift!

Wrapped gift in hand stamped gift wrapping

You can make lots of variations with the one stamp, use a combination of different stamps or just print on your package once. Even the smallest handmade touch can make a difference.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it gave you some ideas for your next project. If you use it, please tag me in photos on instagram (@mintmakerstudio), use the hashtag #mintmaker and pin this to your pinterest board!

Collage of hand printed wrapping paper


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