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If you ever search for Planner or Bullet Journal spreads on Pinterest, Instagram etc. there will always be images which catch your eye of brightly coloured and immaculately organised planner pages with beautiful lettering and decorations.  They’re visual feasts.  And also, if I'm honest, not my thing.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the skill and vision that goes in to them, but that’s just not what works for me. 

But I don’t like things really plain either.  Setting up my planner spreads gives me some pressure-free creative time, helps me get ready for the week ahead and generally fosters a sense of preparedness so it’s a key tool for me. It’s just about striking a balance. 

Unsurprisingly stamps are a great way for me to get that balance as they let me personalise, decorate and adapt my planner week by week, giving me structure AND visual interest without taking too much time or distracting me from the actual plans. 


To-do Stamp Heading layered over yellow honeycomb pattern stamp from Mint Maker Studio

  Layering stamps is such a simple but effective technique, especially for headers where you’ve got a bit of space and not too much information to add on.  This little honeycomb stamp works brilliantly behind a title, especially in a lighter colour, or you can use it as a little 5 day tracker to tick or colour in.  Oh, and you can stack it too if you need more sections.



Washi Tape print stamps coloured in various coloured inks | Mint Maker Studio



Another stamp set that works brilliantly for layering is the washi tape stamps, especially as you can add other colours and decorate it too. 




Weekly Planner Spread using honeycomb grids in yellow behind letter initials in honeycomb shapes for Days of hte Week and other honeycomb inspired decoration, All available from Mint Maker Studio

Letter stamps for days of the week and a perpetual calender are really useful stamps to have in your kit, and are easy ways to give your spreads structure and, if you like a bit of project planning too, are great for adding context.  Continuing with the Honeycomb theme you can see how the day initials are brilliant headers, are great for layering, but they don’t overwhelm the space they’re in either.  And of course they can be whatever colour you have to hand too! 




Simple shape outline stamps are another fantastic foundation bit of kit for planner prep as they’re so incredibly versatile.  Use them for trackers, priorities, and list writing, having a shape you can stack if you need to is great for efficiency and for keeping you on track.  

The most important thing is that you have a bit of fun with it - use different inks, colour-in motifs like this bee, add in some washi tape if you need to and, most of all, make sure it makes you want to look at it.  

7 section Honeycomb stamp, Bee Stamp, Don't forget header stamp and S letter initial in honeycomb shape.  All from Mint Maker Studio

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