Giving the Chronodex a Go

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You may have spotted that one of the new sets of clear stamps includes a Chronodex.  I think it’s a really fantastic tool but it certainly divides people into two camps - those who have heard of it and those who haven’t. 

It may look a little daunting at first but actually the idea is quite simple and it’s also more versatile than you might expect. 

But first, a quick bit of background.  The Chronodex was originally designed by Patrick Ng who was looking for a tool to help him plan his time and day in a more visual way than other diaries/planner enabled him to do.  His blog over on Scription is a great read and seeing how his planning system has developed over time is fascinating.  And whilst Patrick Ng’s planning pages are comprehensive and may be a bit more than you need the chronodex dial can be used independently of the rest. 

The basics of the Chronodex are simple.  It’s based on a spiral shape - starting in the middle at 6am and runs until midnight (if you want it to go on that long).  Each hour segment is a slightly different shape/size so you can easily see which one is which, with 9am to 9pm having the largest ones, and each segment also has small lines within them to break it down further into 15 and 30 minute chunks. For someone who likes to visually plan like me being able to colour code the segments for different tasks/categories means it can be a quick visual reference too.

Depending on how much information you want it to hold you can either stamp it in the corner of your planner and write within it or, like I’ve seen done alot, you can stamp it right in the middle of the page.  You’ve then got the space around it to expand on what your goals or to-do’s are, record main outcomes or action points from a meeting, or add in main reminders.  


Patrick Ng - Chronodex Image from his Instagram, April 17th, 2017


There are some amazing examples of the Chronodex in use online, but especially across Instagram and Pinterest. Patrick Ng’s instagram account has some great photos and when having a look I even saw some brilliant visual ones like this one. 

(Picture Credit Patrick Ng; link on photo)


 Illustrated Chronodex Entries by Danne from @dannesnotesbooks on Instagram, 13 August 2019


Not everyone has the time to plan/record in such an illustrative way, but it’s a great example of how versatile it can be.  

(Picture Credit @dannesnotebooks; Link on Image)




Mint Maker Studio Spirodex in Use

Finally, I also wanted to give a quick mention to the Spriodex, which is a really similar tool but gives you more opportunity to adapt it to you, for example if you work shifts.  As well as the Chronodex stamps in the shop I do have an Spirodex in my Etsy store too. There’s lots of inspiration for how to use them effectively over on my Pinterest - you know how much I love Pinterest - and I really would encourage anyone, especially if you work visually, to give it a go as a way to get a new perspective and new level of organisation, to your planning/tracking. 



You can find my new clear planner stamps - including this Chronodex Stamp - here.




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Mint Maker Studio Blog Cover Image - Giving the Chronodex a go! Looks complicated but is simple and more versatile than you might expect.

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