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Title image of hand stamped watercolour business card


Today I'm going to share how I made these hand stamped watercolour business cards. One of the really great things about using stamps is that you can make something entirely unique. Combining stamping with watercolour paint will produce something that is one of a kind.


To make your own watercolour business cards you will need:

  • Card stock cut to business card size (I got mine from Meticulous Ink in their sample sale)
  • Watercolour paints
  • Water brush or brush and water - the water brush is a Derwent paint pen water brush and is a really useful tool.
  • Business card stamp
  • Ink Pad (I'm using black but you can use whatever colour you like.


Start by applying a wash of colour to your card. It doesn't have to cover the whole card, I've left a strip on the left here.

I made up a selection of different colours with a yellow/green ombre effect, an all over wash and a half and half blue.  The important thing to do is to make sure they are completely dry before you start stamping. If your cards are still damp then the ink will run and bleed and you won't be able to read your information. You should also make a few more than you think you will need because stamping is not always perfect and you will have a few that you're not happy with.

When stamping, make sure you have good coverage or ink on the stamp surface, have your business card on something firm and level and apply light, even pressure.

The great thing about this is that you can use whatever colours suit your brand, you can use any card/heavy paper you have at hand and every single card is different.

If you make some cards, post them on instagram and tag @mintmakerstudio and use the hastag #MintMaker. I'd love to see them! Pin this to your pinterest board to save it for inspiration.

Water colour business card DIY pinterest image

Collage of water colour business cards and the materials needed to make them


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