Back to school supplies

It’s on the horizon - there’s a new term coming! September is such a energetic month and I still remember that slightly giddy feeling from when I was a kid at getting everything ready for the next school year - new shoes, new pencil case and, most excitingly, new supplies for inside that pencil case! 

Whilst I may not be going back through the school gates next month (well, not as a pupil anyway) I do still get that back to school feeling so here are some tips for getting ready whether you're a parent or a big-kid and yes, you can absolutely be both.

Name Label stamps

Gone are the days of needing to sew in name labels (thank goodness!).  These stamps can be used on clothing labels, or books or even to label toys (just stamp on a sticky label first).

Name pennants

Although not the original idea for these, these pennants are great for hook names or over hangers when you're getting uniform ready.  Easy to take on and off and move around wherever you need them!

Small Green Felt Personalised Pennant from Mint Maker Studio

Planning stamps

Organisation and planning is a massive topic, but there are of course some stamps to help you get some structure in place. A new term might mean new routines and sometimes so a visual timetable or way of recording it might be useful. 

Clear Planner Stamps from Mint Maker Studio including Washi Strips and bullet journal icons

Reward stamps

Or maybe a big reward chart, using the stamps above, for all the family is a better way to go? You can see our rewards set of stamps here (top right on the image above)


Whatever September brings you, whether it’s a new term or not, I hope you have a great month! 

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