4 Things to add to a Stamp to make a great Gift Set

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I’ll never stop saying what great presents stamps make.

Even for some of the trickier people of your to-buy for list!

They can be a really thoughtful gift, whilst also giving the recipient something they can adapt to their own tastes.  And let’s not forget they’re also useful so it’s much more than additional clutter. 

The other key thing about stamps is their size - they’re portable and when combined with other things make great unique gift sets. 

But what can those other things be?  I've listed my top 4 things you can add to a stamp to make them in to great, bespoke, gift sets for nearly anyone. 

Ink - it's more than just a pad!

Every stamp needs ink but remember they don’t all have to be one colour - or even one pad - and other things work too! A set of a few little multicoloured ink pads could make a great addition to a gift set, or maybe even some brush pens that can be painted directly onto the stamp before stamping (you can read a blog post here about how). And ink doesn’t always have to be just for paper - fabric ink for stamping clothing tags could be a great gift for a stitching fan.

Remember the best way to get ink on a stamp is to press the ink on to the stamp - not the stamp in to the ink pad - and when you think of it like that there’s suddenly a wealth of other possibilities! 

Washi Tape Stamps from Mint Maker Studio coloured in with fine liner pens


How to Stamp without Ink Pads - Cover image for Mint MAker Studio Blog Post | Top Image is a Small Heart Shaped Unicorn wooden stamp with multicoloured confetti dots and brush pens.  Bottom image is a rainbow striped stamp, having been coloured with the pens.

Labels or Gift tags

These make a great addition to gifts for crafters, bakers & brewers - allowing them to celebrate their handiwork.  And you could go one step further than basic tags - think about pretty coloured papers, big bright sticky labels, threads for additional ties and tassels or maybe even a get them a craft punch so they can cut out their own decorative tags to use their beautiful new stamp on.  And for those that make textile items how about some blank woven tags to be added to their makes? 

Brown Beer Bottle with Large Yellow label with blank ink stamp of a pint glass with banner across it reading 'Dads Homebrew' Decorative Label for a Stamp - Personalised Rectangular Makers Stamp with Knitted Heart and "Handmade with love by" text

Zippy Pouch or Storage Box

Not only does it make it easier to wrap if they’re all in one item, but it also helps provide storage for the set too.  Try and keep it small for ones that might need to be a bit more portable - like teacher stamps with small ink pads or even self-inking ones.  Or maybe, if you’re buying for a bullet journaller or planner afficianado, go for a bigger one, like this one from Nurture and Cheer, that they could fit a notebook and pens in too. 


Lilac Notebook with Black Canvas pencil Case that has pens, small ink pads and stamps spilling out of it Notebook weekly Planner layout using pens, washi tape and stamps.

Notebook or Stationery accessories

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many notebooks, and if you’ve got a planner, journal-er or organiser to buy for then a gorgeous notebook with some planning stamps could be a great gift.  Pen bands to go around their notebook, blank bookmarks or tags they can decorate (perhaps even with their new stamps) and washi tape are all great little extras that can make up a brilliant gift set.

Of course everyone's taste in colours, notebooks, pens and accessories is different, and that's what makes putting together your own gift set such a great gift. There's a range of stamps, ink pads and Stampables (such as gift tags) available on the Mint Maker Studio website, and if you're looking for other gift set inspiration then you might want to have a look at these blog posts too! 

Personal Gift Bundle Ideas - Blog Cover post - Create your own thoughtful and personal gift bundles Top Tips for getting a Personalised Stamp | Blog post Cover image from Mint Maker Studio
4 Things to add to a stamp to make a great gift set | Blog Cover image from Mint Maker Studio | 4 things you can add to a stamp to make them in to great, bespoke, gift sets for nearly anyone.


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