3 Unexpected Stamps you can Personalise!

One of the best bits of making one-off stamps for people is finding out some of the stories that go with them.  I’ve made letter sign-off stamps for those that want to send personal cards but struggle to hold the pen to sign them all and PADI Scuba-diving log book stamps for those getting ready to dive in beautiful and exotic places, and business logos for small business wanting to make a big impact.

And in this spirit I thought I’d highlight 3 of my favourite stamps that you might not have thought about or realised I could personalise for you.

Personalised Home School Stamp - Mummy Says Great Work - Mint Maker Studio


Homeschooling Stamp.

We all know how much a celebration of good work can be valued, especially by a child.  And whilst these stamps may be more often considered as teacher gifts there’s absolutely no reason at all why Mummy, Grandpa or even Uncle Bob can’t have one too to help recognise a task well done! I have a few different types that can all be adapted and they make great gifts too.

If you’ve got a prolific little artist at home too then you might also like to know they could get their own personalised ones too that are also great little gifts and stocking fillers.

Personalised 'Work of art by' stamp from Mint Maker Studio


Pet Paw Print Stamp

Who says it’s only us humans that should have personalised stamps? With our cats and dogs being equally important members of our families it’s only fair they can have their name and footprint in stamp form too. Ready for the gifts and cards they send their most important humans, and each other!


Personalised Paw Print Stamp - Wooden handle stamp from Mint Maker Studio



Favourite Quote Personalised Stamp

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have their logos or tag lines or stamps, but there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get your favourite quote or song lyrics on a stamp either! Whether for homemade invitations, to stamp in a planner or scrap book or to add to the bottom of correspondence you might send, putting a quote that resonates with you on a stamp could be a brilliant way of sharing it’s sentiment and spreading some joy.


Personalised Wooden handle stamp - get a meessage, or a favourite quote added to a stamp from Mint Maker Studio



So those are only 3 of the stamps I can personalise for you, but there are lots of choices on the website, including for any crafters or bakers in your life.  Or maybe you run a small business and you’d like to be able to personalise more of your stationery or packaging. Being a small business who makes in small batches means I’m only an email away and can work with you to get something just right so don’t hesitate to drop me a note.  


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