10 ways to use a stamp in your small business

1. Logo stamp - Probably the most obvious but you can make a stamp from your logo to make it easy to brand your packaging and documents. But a logo stamp can also be used for wrapping paper, swing tags and business cards.

Image of a logo stamp stamped on a pizza box

Photo courtesy of Il Fuoco pizza.

2. Asking people to share their product online.  You can stamp this on a packing note or the back of a swing ticket with a custom brand hashtag and your social media name.

Top of a self inking stamp that reads 'Share online with #MintMaker'

3. Saying thank you. It's easy to stamp a little thank you on your very boring packing note. You can even make it look like you wrote it. Hell, you can write it and I can make that into a stamp.

Stamped image of a thanks for your order

4. Use it to share a discount code. If you do a returning customer discount or want to try one out, a stamp can be used to add it to your package. If you want to pull the code it's easy to stop using it but if you want to reintroduce it as an annual thing, the stamp is there and ready to use.

5. Do not bend and fragile. Another obvious one. Use it to stamp onto any envelope or packaging. Your stamp can be branded too or it can just be designed to fit in with your brand.

Please Do Not Bend Rubber Stamp

6. Loyalty. If you have a service based business and you can reward loyalty, a little loyalty stamp is super easy and portable. They're not just for coffee shops either. Yoga teachers, beauticians, wheelie bin cleaners (just looking around my kitchen/garden for ideas now), dog walkers, window cleaners and so many more businesses who rely on you going back again and again can promote that with a little stack of cards and a tiny stamp.

Small Loyalty Card Stamp

7. Eco friendly business cards. It's lovely to get business cards with gorgeous photos and all your info on. But they often get put in a box on someone's desk and never see the light of day again. Use a stamp to put your details on anything. Back of a flyer, back of an envelope, card blanks, scrap of paper or card, anything that is flat and uncoated can be stamped on.

Business Card Stamp

8. Decorate your envelopes. Everybody loves a pretty parcel but stickers and tape cost money and then they only last for a limited time. Stamps can do millions of impressions with only a tiny dab of ink and if you want to change colour that's easy too.

Thumbs up for your postie rubber stamp

9. Return address. These are so handy if you send stuff in the post. If an item doesn't get collected from the sorting office then it will come back if you put a return address on it. If you don't it gets lost in the abyss. Use the return address!

Return Address Stamp

10. Sealing parcels. Ok, not quite a stamp but a wax seal stamp. For lux packaging, you can't go wrong with a custom wax seal.

Monogram Wax Seal Stamp
I hope you enjoyed this list of inspiration and it gave you some ideas for your next project. If you use it, please tag me in photos on instagram (@mintmakerstudio), use the hashtag #mintmaker and pin this to your pinterest board!
Decorative image of 10 ways to use a stamp in your business

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